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Friday 19 July, 2019

This passage occurs in the midst of a competition between two sisters (Rachel and Leah) married to the same man (Jacob). Whilst Rachel has Jacob’s heart, Leah is the one bearing him sons. So an exchange occurs – Rachel asks for Leah’s mandrakes in exchange for a night with Jacob. I wasn’t sure of the […]

Thursday 18 July, 2019

Jealousy and comparison can often make us do strange things! This passage shows us just how jealousy can have an impact on family and relationships, with Rachels servant bearing two sons for her with her husband Jacob as she is barren. Rachel does this as her sister Leah has children and she has none, making […]

Wednesday 17 July, 2019

Appreciate Leah’s concerns and respect her response. She feels unloved, left out, without a future and without value. God is the God who notices the unloved, God notices the fringe dwellers, God is kind and compassionate to the outsider. The children Leah has she names according the story that God is shaping in her life […]

Tuesday 16 July, 2019

I take a few lessons from this passage of scripture. The first lesson is that I can avoid some major regrets in life simply by avoiding drinking too much alcohol. Many biblical characters were either fooled or made grave mistakes while drunk. Second, it is amazing how fast time flies when we have purpose, hope […]

Monday 15 July, 2019

The customs of the Old Testament are a far cry from ours today. Most Australians live in cities and the sheep we see is at the butcher.  Jacob has to move the stone from the well so as Rachel can water her sheep, we just turn on a tap.  Yes the Old Testament seems miles […]

Sunday 14 July, 2019

Just the night before, Jacob had an intimate and powerful encounter with the God of the universe. The weight of this glorious interaction is still on him the next morning. So he decides to mark that moment and that place as a turning point in his life, from this point forward he desires to worship […]

Saturday 13 July, 2019

This is an intriguing story and is the origin of the sayings ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and ‘stairway to heaven’. The imagery describes a bridge between two realms, the realm of man and the realm of God. It is the stuff of movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark with an appeal that touches deep desires. It […]

Friday 12 July, 2019

In the middle of a narrative about Jacob we get a small aside about Esau. Esau is reeling from loosing his fathers blessing but has heard that Jacob has been told not to marry Canaanite women rather marry a relative on his mothers side. Possibly Esau is trying to win back some favour and so […]

Thursday 11 July, 2019

I love that the Bible tells it like it is.  Family intrigue, jealousy, scheming parents, scheming children you name it the Bible’s got it. You would expect some sanitisation but God is more than happy to show humanity as we really are. Why? Because we need a Saviour and the great narrative of the Bible […]

Wednesday 10 July, 2019

Verse 37 fascinates me. Isaac’s blessing of Jacob is definite. What Jacob has pronounced will come to pass – Jacob will be Lord over Esau, with all his relatives his servants, sustained with grain and new wine. In this passage there is a serious and significant power to the spoken word, especially from Isaac. It’s […]