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Monday 11 December, 2017

This is a confronting passage of scripture. Jesus sits with His disciples to share the Passover meal, only to reveal to them that one of them will betray Him. Their responses (other than Judas) reveals something of their character – they don’t turn to pride, declaring it could never be them. Rather, they are greatly […]

Sunday 10 December, 2017

Time and time again I am struck but the difference between worldly wisdom and priorities and God’s. Even the people who knew Jesus best missed the deeper significance of the woman’s actions and were distracted by superficial appearances. Jesus however cut to the heart of the woman’s actions, looking beyond the surface and seeing the […]

Saturday 9 December, 2017

Jesus asks his disciples what they have been discussing and like a group of naughty children they go silent. They know they should not have been arguing over who is the greatest among them. They, I assume, feel ashamed for their ridiculous conversation. Ever had one of those? A ridiculous conversation where your pride really […]

Friday 8 December, 2017

In these words Jesus is reminding me that this world will not continue on as it always has. There will be a time, approaching us still, when the universe itself will be shaken from its normal course. Jesus will be at the centre of the inauguration of this restoration, the renewal of the universe. I […]

Thursday 7 December, 2017

Jesus did not leave His disciples or you and I without assistance and guidance in our walk with Him. I am so thankful for the Bible – the written word of God that we have the privilege of being able to read and study in our homes. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit […]

Wednesday 6 December, 2017

Mark paints quite the picture of contrast in this brief but powerful passage on giving. As I’ve meditated or thought about this scene – 2 things have struck me: Ritual verses Relationship Outward appearances verses inward Jesus always focuses on our hearts. God had the widows heart and her offering showed it; He did not […]

Tuesday 5 December, 2017

Earlier in this chapter Jesus is being badgered by Pharisees, Sudducees and Scribes with questions, mainly designed to trap him. The Scribes – those who were responsible for teaching the law and opening the scriptures for the people – are the ones aimed at in these next passages.  In the first passage, Jesus asks a […]

Monday 4 December, 2017

This passage is foundational to how we are to live our lives. It says clearly in vs 30, that we are to love the Lord God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. This has led me to consider afresh what it means to do this in its entirety. To me, this means loving […]

Sunday 3 December, 2017

This passage is an interesting discussion. The Sadducees were trying to catch out Jesus. They wanted to give Him a question that was too difficult to answer. But no, Jesus had an answer and He called them out about how well they really knew God’s word. You can imagine how embarrassed or angry these guys […]

Saturday 2 December, 2017

Once Jesus told the parable of the talents, the religious leaders could see the people were turning against them – v 12. So representatives (Luke 20 v 20 refers to them as spies) of two of the major Jewish sects, the Pharisees and Herodians, came to Jesus to corner him with a challenging question. Their […]