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Monday 11 June, 2012

Simenon was one of the witnesses in Jerusalem who saw Jesus as the comfort of Israel. His story is not very long, but the bible said “he was righteous and devout, and waiting for the comfort of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him.” What a great man!! Not only that, the action of […]

Sunday 10 June, 2012

How cool Mary and Joseph were obedient and used the name God had provided to them for Jesus.  I am not a parent but I can imagine being able to choose the child’s name is something very special for parents.  But names are important – they knew that too – so they did what God […]

The angels visit the shepherds, the shepherds visit Jesus, the shepherds tell all, the mother treasures all the events in her heart, it’s a fascinating stream of events. I find it invigorating that the shepherds response to the ‘terrifying’ announcement, was to seek out the cause of the story and then the shepherds after meeting […]

Friday 8 June, 2012

These first seven verses of Luke 2 tell us about the birth of Jesus – they also properly introduce us to the man who would be his earthly Father, Jospeh.  As I’ve read these few verses, I keep hearing the words “humble & wise”.  Joseph could have walked away from Mary, but instead he chose […]

Thursday 7 June, 2012

God answers their question “What then is this child going to be?” (v66), and this time Zechariah doesn’t doubt. He speaks those words out in a beautiful testimony about John and the authority with which he would testify about Jesus. The first third is about what God is doing through Jesus. He says God has […]

Wednesday 6 June, 2012

As I read this passage I am arrested by the fact that as soon as Zechariah could speak again, he was praising God.  I wonder how I would have behaved in a similar situation?  If I had been struck dumb a year previously, what would have been the first words out of my mouth?  Would […]

Tuesday 5 June, 2012

Mary has seen the evidence of the angel’s words to Elizabeth and has moved into a fuller belief of the truth of what God is doing in her life. She is not dismayed by the many possible negative implications – rejection by others for being pregnant out of wedlock – but is overcome by praise […]

Monday 4 June, 2012

Mary goes to Elizabeth her cousin’s house. Both women are pregnant, Elizabeth with John the Baptist, Mary with Jesus. Elizabeth, with seemingly no prior knowledge speaks to Mary telling her of the blessing her child will be. Her final statement “You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what He said” is […]

Sunday 3 June, 2012

Mary is: Elizabeth’s relative –News of Elizabeth’s miracle would have been an encouragement. God knits people together in his plans. A teenager. Godly. Jewish.  She may have heard about the coming Messiah of virgin birth. She’s from a small rural town called Nazareth. She is a virgin and engaged to married to Joseph. This news […]

Saturday 2 June, 2012

The story of faithful Zechariah and Elizabeth is a beautiful account of what happened in the lead up to the birth of Jesus. The account of John the Baptist’s parents gives amazing insight into the way that God can relate to children: Verse 15 says that “he will be filled with the Holy Spirit” even […]