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Monday 13 November, 2017

In this passage, Jesus asks his disciples (including us) two important questions. Who do people say that Jesus is? Who do you say that Jesus is? The first question refers to the voices, the people who surround us and influence us. But, the most important question is who do you say that Jesus is? Peter […]

Sunday 12 November, 2017

I love how physical this healing is. There is nothing neat about this process. Jesus, the Son of God, spits on this man’s eyes… Really? Almighty God doesn’t pick a cleaner or more clinical option? Perhaps a more spiritual alternative? Why? It says Jesus lays hands on the man’s eyes more than once, and even […]

Saturday 11 November, 2017

Yesterday’s Daily Digest covered Jesus performing a miracle of the provision of food to feed 4000 people. From that event word of the miracle spread fast and the Pharisees came to confronted Jesus demanding another miracle to prove to them he had authority from Heaven. Jesus seems to have been deeply affected by their demands […]

Friday 10 November, 2017

I was talking with someone recently about the Old Testament name for God ‘Jehovah Jireh’. This name translates to mean ‘God will provide’ or ‘God will see to it.’ Not even just that God can provide, but that He will. We see this characteristic of God in this passage through the actions of Jesus. When […]

Thursday 9 November, 2017

Jesus took the man who was deaf and could hardly speak aside, and simply healed him. Then he (Jesus) told the man and his friends, not to tell anyone. What?  I think people might notice that there has been a change… And asked them not to tell others… really he can now hear and speak… […]

Wednesday 8 November, 2017

It is evident from this passage that Jesus was clear on where and to whom he was called to minister. We also see some tenacious faith from the woman from Syrian Phoenicia which results in her daughter being set free from demonic power. I find myself re-reading verse 27 – Did Jesus just refer to […]

Tuesday 7 November, 2017

I love how these verses speak about the state of our hearts and how that relates to living a life of holiness. Jesus says that it’s not what goes in to us that defiles us, but what comes out. What comes out is determined by the state of our hearts, and so the state of […]

Monday 6 November, 2017

Jesus does an amazing job in this passage reminding us that our attitudes and the way we think matter just as much as what we actually do. It’s not just what we say but what we think about saying that God hears. The disciples were focused on Jesus and what He was saying and doing […]

Sunday 5 November, 2017

This passage provokes the awe and wonder I have for Jesus. As I read these verses, I can only imagine the scenes of people being immediately drawn to Jesus, seeking healing and a touch from Him. The presence of our Saviour brings an attraction like no other, to those that know of His power and […]

Saturday 4 November, 2017

Oh the difficulty with our hearts! The disciples could not understand what Jesus was doing, and who He was, because of their hard hearts. Faith could not rise in them, because of their hard hearts. How often do I pray – God make your ways, your will, your plan more obvious to me – without […]