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Friday 3 November, 2017

Jesus has a following – a somewhat reckless following of men, women, children. The crowd’s enthusiasm for Jesus causes them to neglect their own basic needs. The disciples notice this and suggest to Jesus that he pull the plug. “Tell them to pack it up and go feed themselves elsewhere” (paraphrase of verse 35 & […]

Thursday 2 November, 2017

John the Baptist was undoubtedly a good man. In Matthew 11:11, Jesus states that there has not been a man greater than him! So what do I do to be like John the Baptist? –          Eat Locusts and Honey –          Wear camel hair clothing –          Be homeless –          Be very outspoken against the religious majority […]

Wednesday 1 November, 2017

Shake it off! A series of episodes where faith releases dramatic miracles (the woman healed of bleeding and Jairus’ daughter raised from the dead), and then in Nazareth Jesus meets such a refusal to believe that it prevented him performing miracles. This is his home town. This is where he should have expected a sympathetic […]

Tuesday 31 October, 2017

There is an interesting interplay here between Honour and Power.  Jesus, who normally had considerable power to perform miracles found it difficult because of the lack of faith expressed by the people.  How was this lack of faith expressed, it was expressed in familiarity to the person, rather than recognition of the authority of the […]

Monday 30 October, 2017

This chapter is all about Jesus’ authority. Authority over demons, disease & death. What has caught my attention as I’ve been thinking on these verses is that Jesus knew what he intended to do back at V24, and more determinedly from the moment he heard the messengers tell the father his young daughter was dead […]

Sunday 29 October, 2017

I love this well known story of life changing miraculous healing. It speaks to me on so many levels – courage, faith, God’s power and forgiveness. Forgiveness? Yes. My NIV study bible says the Greek word for “healed’ actually means “saved”. She is blessed by Jesus to “Go in peace (spiritual healing) and be freed […]

Saturday 28 October, 2017

As I have been reading through Mark I have been stunned by how hard it was for Jesus to do anything in private, the crowds could not get enough of him! But Jesus keeps his mind set on what his Father would have him do. He doesn’t get caught up with the celebrity status of […]

Friday 27 October, 2017

It is clear from this passage that an encounter with Jesus is powerful and life changing. This man had tried everything he knew, even the people around him had tried everything worldly wisdom provided to help relieve him of his problems but nothing had worked. The man was destined for destruction. But the encounter with […]

Thursday 26 October, 2017

Jesus told the disciples to cross over to the other side of the lake. His purpose was to move from one part of the country to another, in order to minister to a different group of people. The storm was an interruption to that journey and it was not Jesus’ purpose, or the purpose of […]

Wednesday 25 October, 2017

What kind of farmer sows seeds and then is surprised when it grows? Surely every farmer knows that what you put into the ground and care for will grow? Yet this is not the case with the “kingdom farmers” Jesus is talking about. Jesus describes them as sowers that don’t understand what’s happening underground. Sometimes […]