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Saturday 2 September, 2017

This passage sits in the mist of Paul’s argument against those who have come into the Colossian church and have tried to get the believers to again submit or to continue to worship false gods, beliefs & rules. “Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!” other than quoting these deceivers, what I see […]

Friday 1 September, 2017

Don’t let anyone condemn you. Paul helps me to understand that any thoughts of condemnation do not come from Christ (v19). Christ Jesus does not condemn me because of anything I do or don’t do, he simply does not condemn me. I don’t actually need anyone to condemn me, I do a good job of […]

Thursday 31 August, 2017

“and you have been given fullness in Christ”:v 10. What a wonderful gift from God! “Fullness” I take to mean everything. Christ “is the head over every power and authority” and by this authority he has beaten the power of sin over us, which was cutting us off from God. Through him we have salvation. […]

Wednesday 30 August, 2017

Treasure is not only valuable, it is exciting! It is usually hidden in some way and involves an adventure to uncover it. Verse 3 says that “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in him,” that is, Jesus. I don’t think I have considered Jesus as ‘exciting’ or full of the riches of […]

Tuesday 29 August, 2017

Three things strike me from this passage: the importance of telling the complete and accurate message; Paul’s childlike excitement in revealing the secret plan of God; and the secret itself which is that Christ lives in us. Paul  teaches the ENTIRE message. He knows it’s important to do this rather than to extract and focus […]

Monday 28 August, 2017

A wonderful passage again demonstrating the initiative God took to reconcile me. By reading the passage emphasizing the “you” and the “he”, a clear picture is given of this initiative. The next step I encourage you with, is to read the passage, and replace the “you” with “I” which personalises this passage. I was alienated […]

Sunday 27 August, 2017

There is so much more to Jesus than a Jewish carpenter from Nazareth. Actually, to come to realise who Jesus actually is makes the whole thought of Him having an ordinary job so completely extraordinary and wonderful. Here’s Paul’s list of little-known-facts about Jesus that Paul needed the Colossians Christians to know… Jesus is the […]

Saturday 26 August, 2017

Recently as I’ve read the beginnings of the various letters that the Apostle Paul wrote to different churches, I’ve been struck by the types of prayers that he records in his letters. Paul writes to the Colossians that he continually asks God to fill them with the knowledge of His will, and for wisdom and […]

Friday 25 August, 2017

How Christians trade – Paul in prison describes the swapping that goes on amongst Christians. The Philippians heard about Paul’s predicament, they got some money together and sent it to him to help him out. In fact, the Philippians have been backing Paul since the beginning. Paul is confident that God sees their gift and […]

Thursday 24 August, 2017

Being content in need. Seems like an oxymoron to me. Being comfortable with your current position when you in the same breath know that your situation is not as comfortable as you would like or need it to be. How does this work? Through Christ. I love that this state of mind and heart, so […]