At C3 Church Carlingford we believe in the power of prayer.
Prayer is a conversation between you and God. Nothing more, nothing less. What a privilege to be able to speak with the creator of the universe.


As we listen we hear His voice and are guided by His Word and His answers.  Prayer is intimate and helps cultivate our relationship with God.
The Bible encourages us to pray continually (1 Thess 5:17), and that when we do God is near to us (Deut 4:7) and He listens to us (Jer 29:12).  We are to pray in faith believing God is able to do the impossible (James 5:15) and if we hold anything against anyone release forgiveness so God is able to forgive us for the things we do wrong (Mark 11:25).


If you would like prayer then please CONTACT US.


We hold a variety of prayer meetings each week and a monthly all church prayer meeting on the first Wednesday night of the month at the Ministry Centre.