Sunday 15 July, 2012

I love the story of great faith this passage talks about, from both the synagogue leader & the beggar woman.  The leader had the right to come into the crowd and stand before Jesus.  The beggar woman would have been an outcast and not allowed to mix with people, due to her “uncleanliness”. Still, both had great needs and knew that Jesus could provide the solution…

In both of their situations, Jesus showed great compassion – He responded to their faith.

When I read these two examples I often think about India and people I’ve seen there in similar circumstances. There was a time after a morning church service, I had prayed for a husband & wife.  The Holy Spirit had touched this couple so much they raced to the hospital to get their son. Just as we were leaving the church, they arrived back with their son, still with a drip in his arm!!  We prayed for him and he received salvation, healing & deliverance… He was bound in Hinduism and was set free that day.  Verse 48, “…your faith has made you well.  Go in peace.”

I love seeing faith in action, really letting go and believing that God can achieve all things.

The woman in the story took herself out of her comfort zone to go to Jesus.  Even though she was treated as an outcast, she knew that if she could just touch something of Jesus, she would be healed…  I want that faith in every situation – to be able to push through and not doubt what I believe God has spoken to me.  To let go of my own abilities and let God…

Written by Ps. Mandy Miller

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