Saturday 4 August, 2012

Luke 11:29-32

29 As the crowds increased, Jesus said, “This is a wicked generation. It asks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah. 30 For as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, so also will the Son of Man be to this generation. 31 The Queen of the South will rise at the judgment with the people of this generation and condemn them, for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon’s wisdom; and now one[a] greater than Solomon is here. 32 The people of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and now one greater than Jonah is here.

Amazing things, demand a response.

Jesus uses 2 examples from Jewish history.  The Ninevites, who were a much feared and hated gentile people and the queen of the south – queen of Sheba – a gentile woman.  Neither of these missed what God was doing in their day and responded even though they were not apart of God’s people.

Jesus is telling His audience, Jewish people, that they are in grave danger of missing what God was doing in their day in Him and worst

yet, the Ninevites and the queen of Sheba would judge them for it!

Today, am I in danger of missing and responding what Jesus is doing in my time, or in my life, because it doesn’t look like I think it should or expect?  Am I missing what the Holy Spirit is doing?

Father help me to always be open to see you at work.  I don’t want to miss what you are doing because it doesn’t look like I think it should.

Written by Suzie Hodgson


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