Wednesday 22 August, 2012

Luke 14:1-6

14 One Sabbath, when Jesus went to eat in the house of a prominent Pharisee, he was being carefully watched. 2 There in front of him was a man suffering from abnormal swelling of his body. 3 Jesus asked the Pharisees and experts in the law, “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath or not?” 4 But they remained silent. So taking hold of the man, he healed him and sent him on his way. 5 Then he asked them, “If one of you has a child or an ox that falls into a well on the Sabbath day, will you not immediately pull it out?” 6 And they had nothing to say.

What I find striking in this passage is that we can have an agenda that completely closes us off to the need and suffering that is around us.

These Pharisees were watching Jesus closely. They were completely set on trying to trick him, or find a fault of flaw in his teaching, or find a reason to accuse him. They completely ignored the present need and suffering of the distressed man in their midst.

Jesus’ response to their agenda was to completely ignore it, and move with compassion and power to meet the need that was right under their noses; the man with abnormal swelling in his body.

Whenever I make the goal about being right, or correct, or religi

ously perfect, I am warned by this passage that I will find myself under the spell of all kinds of agendas that rob me of true compassion and the true power of God to help this broken world.

I need Jesus to keep me from agendas other than His that steal my heart away from truly seeing and meeting the human need that is around me with the compassion and love of Jesus.

Lord, keep my eyes on what truly needs to take place…the healing and restoration of a broken world. That is what is right. That is right theology. That is right exercising of grace. That is what you demonstrate here. Help me live it too!

Written by Ps. Rob Waugh

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