Thursday 18 October, 2012

The scriptures said what would happen to Jesus. Jesus had told them that what the scriptures said would happen. Yet they still didn’t understand until Jesus opened their minds.

We get pleasure from those “light bulb” moments when we suddenly understand. It’s closely related to the sudden mental shifts that make us laugh out loud at a joke. We feel pleasure when God opens our minds to understand, but it goes well beyond that. It’s an expression of our intimate relationship as his children, that he shows us something that is special to him; that he lets us into one of his secrets. I get a real sense of delight when we go to that place of understanding together.

There’s more to these moments of revelation than just the pleasure of discovery, or even the joy of being taken to understanding by God himself: With that understanding comes responsibility. Like most of his gifts, it is to pass on.

But Jesus tells them not to rush off with their new understanding. They need to wait for the Holy Spirit and go with Him to bring understanding to others. He’ll give the words to say and open minds to receive it.

Lord, I love it when you open my mind to your thoughts. Please give me clarity of understanding and your heart to bring that understanding to others.

Written by David Cornell

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