Monday 29 October, 2012

Acts 2:43-47

43 Everyone felt that God was near. The apostles did many wonders and miraculous signs. 44 All the believers were together. They shared everything they had. 45 They sold what they owned. They gave each other everything they needed. 46 Every day they met together in the temple courtyard. In their homes they broke bread and ate together. Their hearts were glad and honest and true. 47 They praised God. They were respected by all the people. Every day the Lord added to their group those who were being saved.

Verse 44 says: “And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had.” This getting together, and sharing, was one of the hallmarks of the believers at the establishment of the New Testament church. As they met together and shared – joy and generosity flowed and in verse 47 we are told: “each day the Lord added… those who were being saved.”

Out of the overflow of God’s love and generosity to them, came an overflow of love and generosity to one another, and then this overflow helped draw those who didn’t know Jesus yet – and daily people were saved and added to their community.

Oh God please help me grasp the simplicity of this and use me an “overflow-er” of your love and generosity. As we meet together and share all we have, may the overflow of your love and generosity help people around us see You and believe, and be added to Your church.

Written by Ps. Linda Quinn

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