Thursday 7 March, 2013

David has just slain Goliath.  Now we see Saul’s son Jonathan, who would have been the future

King of Israel by linage, see in David what Saul did not.  Jonathan gives David his robe, his armour, his sword, bow & belt.  Symbolically these are the passing of Jonathan’s rightful kingship to David.  Jonathan recognises in David what his father Saul does not.  He see’s him as a leader, warrior and most of all God’s favour on him to be King. He see’s him as a man with more ability than he and he is doing everything in this moment to see that David will become King in his place.

How amazing to have someone who is older, more skilled, more trained, more able, more gifted see something in you at a young age that God has put there, do everything they can do to see you surpass them, take their

position leadership & ministry because they can see God’s hand on your life.

Lord help me be a Jonathan and not a Saul.  To be able to recognise the gifts and talents of others and mentor and disciple them to be so much better in their walk and life than I have been in mine.  To allow them to build their floor on my ceiling.

Written by Suzie Hodgson

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