Friday 8 March, 2013

Three times in this passage we are told that the “Lord was with David”, something that has become more and more obvious to Saul.  Saul’s jealously and anger about this is now tangible as he hurls spears at David in his home.  Saul then comes up with a plan to rid himself of David by offering his daughter Michal to David in marriage.  She loves him so Saul thinks that this will be an easy distraction to the young man David in battle enabling the Philistines to kill him instead.

David, aware

he will be marrying well above his social and financial standing tells Saul he has no ability to pay the “bride price” so Saul comes up with a marriage price that will suit the warrior David, thinking he can be rid of a bunch of Philistines and David all in one go.

But “the Lord is with David”, he is able to pay the bride price and is now to marry Saul’s daughter and become his son-in-law.

Jealously never has a good end.  David is now Saul’s number one enemy.

This makes me look back on times when I have been jealous of someone for whatever reason, and I know how consuming it can be in my head space and heart and likely my actions too.  I may not have wanted the death of the person I was jealous of but I know it was causing death in me.

Lord please help me to keep my heart clean and clear of jealously and envy.  Help me to deal with these negative emotions & attitudes quickly before you, as they have no place

in your Kingdom or presence.  Amen

Written by Suzie Hodgson

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  1. David newton says:

    Maybe it is just me, but it amazes me, ‘not’ how common it is to have these types of emotions in ourselves but how easy it is ‘not’ to recognise them when they occurs. – It is strange because it is so easy to see in other people.

    I think if we really understood how destructive these attitudes are to ourselves we would be far more vigilant.

    Thanks Suzie

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