Thursday 21 March, 2013

1 Samuel 29: 1-11

29 The Philistines gathered their whole army together at Aphek. Israel’s army camped by the spring of water at Jezreel. 2 The Philistine rulers marched out in companies of hundreds and thousands. David and his men were marching with Achish behind the others. 3 The commanders of the Philistines asked, “Why are these Hebrews here?” Achish replied, “That’s David, isn’t it? Wasn’t he an officer of Saul, the king of Israel? He has already been with me for more than a year. I haven’t found any fault in him. That’s been true from the day he left Saul until now.” 4 But the Philistine commanders were angry with Achish. They said, “Send David back. Let him return to the town you gave him. He must not go with us into battle. If he does, he’ll turn against us during the fighting. In fact, he might even cut off the heads of our own men. What better way could he choose to win back his master’s favor? 5 Isn’t David the one the Israelites sang about when they danced? They sang, “‘Saul has killed thousands of men. David has killed tens of thousands.’” 6 So Achish called David over to him. He said, “You have been faithful to me. And that’s just as sure as the Lord is alive. I would be pleased to have you serve with me in the army. I haven’t found any fault in you. That’s been true from the day you came to me until now. But the Philistine rulers aren’t pleased to have you come along. 7 So go back home in peace. Don’t do anything that wouldn’t please the Philistine rulers.” 8 “But what have I done?” asked David. “What have you found against me from the day I came to you until now? Why can’t I go and fight against your enemies? After all, you are my king and master.” 9 Achish answered, “You have been as pleasing to me as an angel of God. But the Philistine commanders have said, ‘We don’t want David to go up with us into battle.’ 10 So get up early in the morning. Take with you the men who used to serve Saul. Leave as soon as the sun begins to come up.” 11 So David and his men got up early in the morning. They went back to the land of the Philistines. And the Philistines went up to Jezreel.

David was in a dilemma. If he backed off, the Philistines would sense a trap, if he went forward, he would be fighting Israel.

David had through his own devices brought himself and his men into this predicament. Over a period of years he lived a life of deceit and false loyalty.

God worked through the Philistine generals to persuade (i.e. force) King Achish to reconsider sending David. So because the Philistines initiated this proposal,

David and his men were not looked at as spies or a real threat to the Philistines.

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Why would God help David? He clearly did not deserve it. We do not even seem him praying. God exposed David’s plan and then delivered him.

Some of our predicaments are because we have done wrong. Think the one lie that became a thousand lies, that plan of revenge we have been harbouring for many years and then suddenly we are trapped and our plot is exposed. We have no way of escape. No matter how difficult our situation, God can make a way of escape.

God taught David a powerful lesson of grace and compassion. Even though a person deserves the worse, we can still choose to live by grace. David has taught me that no matter what situation I find myself in, I should always strive to earn respect from all those who are around me.

When I make mistakes, I need to look to God for his grace.

Help me to remember Lord Jesus that you will always choose to bless me. In situations where I have completely failed, I cannot give up. Thank you God for your gracious work in my life and that I can learn from You. I pray I will become more like You Lord, as I experience Your grace. As you God, have been gracious to me, I need to remember to be gracious to others.

Written by Cathy Croft

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