Saturday 30th March, 2013

Nothing good comes from losing “all courage, and being paralysed with fear” (v 1). This is what todays passage says happened to Ishbosheth and all Israel at the news of Abner’s death. And it was this fear that cost Ishbosheth his life.


once heard Ps Phil Pringle say “God says “fear not” in the Bible 365 times – that’s once for every

day of the year”. Other commands from God I take seriously and yet this one – fear not – I seem to let slide. I allow my courage to plummet and get paralysed by fear. The result is the same as Ishbosheth. I am robbed of ‘life’.

The war of fear is fought and won on the battleground of my mind. But God had provided me with every possible piece of armour and every possible weapon for victory (Eph 6.11-17 and 2Cor10.3-5). It’s time to stop “sleeping” (v 5), take the enemy down and never fear again.

Written by Boudy van Noppen

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