Monday 1 April, 2013

From Uzzah’s death we learn that we cannot take the presence of God for granted.  God is to be revered and having his presence in our lives is no casual matter.  David was wise to step back and park the Ark at Obed-edom’s house.  He was angry, upset and not sure how to approach the awesome presence of God anymore.  After some months

and seeing that God’s presence brought blessing to Obed-edom’s household David changed his approach.  We see David humble himself, there is a new level of sacrifice(giving) ie. a bull and fattened calf are sacrificed every six steps the Israelites take on their way to Jerusalem.  This is extravagant as is the worship.  David is said to have danced before the Lord with all his might – he gave God his all.

When God’s presence is revered and celebrated with our whole being it brings the blessing of God to our lives.  This was the case for Obed-edom and once the Ark reached Jerusalem ie. each man and woman received bread and cakes to celebrate the Ark’s arrival.

It can be easy to become too familiar or casual about God’s presence.  David learned that humility, sacrifice and worship keep our hearts and minds in a good place before God.  Incorporating these attributes in our lives attracts God’s presence.

Dear Lord, help me not to take your presence in my life for granted.  Keep my heart and mind in awe of you and all you do, amen.

Written by Ainslie Woods

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