Wednesday 17 April, 2013

It would seem David wanted to be king and have his son Absalom still alive.  I’m not sure that the two are compatible! Absalom was both David’s son and enemy.  A heart wrenching and difficult situation. Both David and Absalom wanted to be king but of course there could only be one king of Israel – God’s chosen king

at that time was David.

God calls each of us to certain things and there will undoubtedly be sacrifices to be made along the way.  For David this was extreme in the loss of his son who turned traitor and then died in battle.  There will be times in life that we are called to give up certain things, to let them go, even relationships as they prevent us from being all God  has called us to be.  It’s good to take stock and examine our loyalties  – are our hearts aligned with the enemy or with God’s purpose?

Dear Lord, help me to follow you

closely and give me strength to let go of things/relationships that entangle my heart and take me off course, Amen.


Written by Ainslie Woods

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