Wednesday 1 May, 2013

Psalm 5

1 Lord, listen to my words. Pay attention when I sigh. 2 My King and my God, listen to me when I cry for help. I pray to you. 3 Lord, in the morning you hear my voice. In the morning I pray to you. I wait for you in hope. 4 God, you aren’t happy with anything that is evil. Those who do what is wrong can’t live where you are. 5 Those who are proud can’t stand in front of you. You hate everyone who does what is evil. 6 You destroy those who tell lies. Lord, you hate murderers and those who cheat others. 7 Because of your great love I will come into your house. With deep respect I will bow down toward your holy temple. 8 Lord, I have many enemies. Lead me in your right path. Make your way smooth and straight for me. 9 Not a word from their mouths can be trusted. Their hearts are filled with plans to destroy others. Their throats are like open graves. With their tongues they tell lies. 10 God, show that they are guilty. Let their evil plans bring them down. Send them away because of their many sins. They have refused to obey you. 11 But let all those who go to you for safety be glad. Let them always sing with joy. Spread your cover over them and keep them safe. Then those who love you will be glad because of you. 12 Lord, you bless those who do what is right. Like a shield, your loving care keeps them safe.

Psalm 5 teaches that God hears my prayers, He does not delight in

evil, He detests those “who tell lies” and He hates “bloodthirsty and deceitful men”. God is also the one who protects and He chooses to bless the righteous and surrounds them with pleasure.

God is not blind to what is going on. All sin is apparent before God. When I look at my heart, I see my flaws and insecurities. I want my own desires, my own wants, and my own rights. It is Gods unfailing love, which humbles me and leads me into His house.

The only way to entering God’s house is through His mercy. I pray that God would keep me on the right path, because, if left to my own choices and desires, I would most certainly not follow the “right path” and the worries of life and the things of this world would truly conquer me.

When I pray, I can be confident that God hears me, when I need help, He pays attention to me. When I bring my requests to the Lord of the universe, I can have confidence that he is listening, and does not neglect me.

This is my prayer; God, “Lead me in the right path!” Your path is clearly laid out, Lord, help me always to remember Your unfailing love leads me to enter into Your house and presence. You have worked a miracle to bring me to Yourself, You have given me a purpose for my life. You have freed and forgiven me from sins that enslaved me and You have reconciled me to Yourself. I worship You with awe, I take refuge in You, You are my protector and Lord. Thank you for reminding me of this truth and reality.

Written by Cath Croft

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