Saturday 4 May, 2013

Psalm 8

1 Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in the whole earth! You have made your glory higher than the heavens. 2 You have made sure that children and infants praise you. You have done it because of your enemies. You have done it to put a stop to their talk. 3 I think about the heavens. I think about what your fingers have created. I think about the moon and stars that you have set in place. 4 What is a human being that you think about him? What is a son of man that you take care of him? 5 You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings. You placed on him a crown of glory and honor. 6 You made human beings the rulers over all that your hands have created. You put everything under their control. 7 They rule over all flocks and herds and over the wild animals. 8 They rule over the birds of the air and over the fish in the ocean. They rule over everything that swims in the oceans. 9 Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in the whole earth!

God is known by observing his wonderful creation.  The Psalm starts this way and also concludes in the same vein.  His greatness is clearly evident, even children and infants acknowledge God.  He cannot be ignored, no excuses!

Talks of a big God verses the smallness of man

yet God has given us charge over the world he created.  Amazing!  Not only that, we are crowned with glory and honour!

Not to take God’s creation for granted.  It is truly breathtaking and deserves our praise.  We need to take wonder in God’s creation like kids do.  We get busy, the beauty and the one who created it can go unnoticed. We’ve also been given charge over it and need to look after it.

It also is a reminder to the value God places on a human life.  We are crowned with glory and honour.  God cares for each life, even the people we dislike or find difficult.

Lord help me to never forget the brilliance of your creation and mankind’s’ role.  Help me to value people the way you do, Amen.

Written by Ainslie Woods

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