Tuesday 7 May, 2013

Psalm 11

1 I run to the Lord for safety. So how can you say to me, “Fly away like a bird to your mountain. 2 Look! Evil people are bending their bows. They are placing their arrows against the strings. They are planning to shoot from the shadows at those who have honest hearts. 3 When law and order are being destroyed, what can godly people do?” 4 The Lord is in his holy temple. The Lord is on his throne in heaven. He watches all people. His eyes study them. 5 The Lord watches over those who do what is right. But he hates sinful people and those who love to hurt others. 6 He will pour out flaming coals and burning sulfur on those who do what is wrong. A hot and dry wind will destroy them. 7 The Lord always does what is right. So he loves it when people do what is fair. Those who are honest will enjoy his blessing.

In this Psalm David starts with a statement – “I run to the Lord for Safety.”  And that’s it for David.  Regardless what anyone says to him or how much it seems the sinful are winning – that is Davids’ position.  He responds to those who tell him to run – that God

is on the throne and He knows exactly what’s going on –  before Him the sinful are done.   David knows where he stands before God – David knows that he will “behold His face” or “enjoy His blessing”.

How often do I forget all of these things!?

I love how black and white David is.  Solid, confident and uncomplicated …. I run to the Lord for Safety/refuge.”

Father, I ask that you would expand that statement in my heart, mind & life as I sit & meditate on those words … the calm & release that they bring.

Written by Suzie Hodgson

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