Wednesday 8 May, 2013

Psalm 12

1 Help, Lord! Those who do what is right are gone. Those who are faithful have disappeared from the earth. 2 Everyone tells lies to his neighbors. With his lips he praises others, but he doesn’t really mean it. 3 May the Lord cut off all lips that don’t mean what they say. May he cut out every tongue that brags. 4 They say, “We will win the battle with our tongues. Our lips belong to us. No one else is in charge of us.” 5 The Lord says, “The weak are beaten down. Those who are in need groan. So I will stand up to help them. I will keep them safe from those who tell lies about them.” 6 The words of the Lord are perfect. They are like silver made pure in a clay furnace. They are like silver made pure seven times over. 7 Lord, you will keep us safe. You will always keep sinners from hurting us. 8 Proud and sinful people walk around openly when the evil they do is praised by others.

As I read this passage, I realise that the psalmist could be speaking today!  As I look at all the legislative reform that is being pushed for right now in this country on euthanasia, abortion

and same-sex marriage, I think of this psalm – the “boastful tongues” who say, ”who is lord over us?” and “what is vile is honoured by the human race”.

Clearly the psalmist felt alone, surrounded by people who had given up on God and were apparently happier doing their own thing.  Society was going backwards in a big way!  And yet the psalmist knows that the Lord is the God of the poor and needy.   There is such a sense of faith in the psalmist’s words, “You, LORD, will keep the needy safe and will protect us forever from the wicked”.

Regardless of the situations going on around me, I have to remember that God has not forgotten the needy and defenceless – the unborn babies, the elderly, the disabled, the children growing up not knowing both a mum and a dad.  “I will protect them from those who malign them” says the Lord.

Lord, help me to continue to pray for those in need, to continue to petition you about them, because Lord, your Word says, you do keep the needy safe, you do protect them from those who malign them and you do protect us from the wicked. Amen

Written by Ps. Jen Irving

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