Saturday 11 May, 2013

Psalm 15

1 Lord, who can live in your sacred tent? Who can stay on your holy hill? 2 Anyone who lives without blame and does what is right. He speaks the truth from his heart. 3 He doesn’t tell lies about others. He doesn’t do wrong to his neighbors. He doesn’t say anything bad about them. 4 He hates sinful people. He honors those who have respect for the Lord. He keeps his promises even when it hurts. 5 He lends his money without charging too much interest. He doesn’t accept money to harm those who aren’t guilty. Anyone who lives like that will always be secure.

The Bible is clear that God extends his love to all people equally, however this Psalm reminds us that there is a special place of intimacy and connection with God that is dependent upon how we choose to live our lives.  Closeness with God is not our right – it is a privilege!

While we do not (and indeed, cannot) ever earn our salvation, we do

need to earn the privilege of a close, intimate relationship with our holy God.

If we want to enter God’s holy presence, we ourselves must lead lives that are pleasing to God.  Speak the truth, refuse to gossip or to speak evil of our friends and keep our promises even when it hurts.

We need to regularly examine our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to search and purify our hearts so that we can continue to grow in the special privilege of an intimate relationship with God.

This close relationship with God is a continual process and is not conditional on us never failing, but it is dependent on us being willing to obey His Word and the Holy Spirit’s conviction whenever we fail.

Thank you Lord for the privilege of entering into Your presence. May we continually have soft hearts towards You to follow Your Word and Your Spirit.

Written by Shelley Witt

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