Sunday 19 May, 2013

Psalm 24

1 The earth belongs to the Lord. And so does everything in it. The world belongs to him. And so do all those who live in it. 2 He set it firmly on the oceans. He made it secure on the waters. 3 Who can go up to the temple on the hill of the Lord? Who can stand in his holy place? 4 Anyone who has clean hands and a pure heart. He does not worship the statue of a god. He doesn’t use the name of that god when he makes a promise. 5 People like that will receive the Lord’s blessing. When God their Savior hands down his sentence, it will be in their favor. 6 The people who look to God are like that. God of Jacob, they look to you. Selah 7 Open wide, you gates. Open up, you age-old doors. Then the King of glory will come in. 8 Who is the King of glory? The Lord, who is strong and mighty. The Lord, who is mighty in battle. 9 Open wide, you gates. Open wide, you age-old doors. Then the King of glory will come in. 10 Who is he, this King of glory? The Lord who rules over all. He is the King of glory. Selah

This psalm seems to have three parts.  The first part states that the earth and everything and everyone in it belongs to God because he made it.  The middle of the psalm asks who can approach this God.  The answer is those that are righteous can have a relationship with God and blessings stem from this relationship. The last verses of this psalm are like a wake up call!  David is asking the reader who is this God – He is our Lord, strong and mighty, the all powerful etc.  Not just God but Lord.  It becomes personal because you can know Him.

The opening verses of this psalm sure bring perspective ie.  God made everything and it belongs to Him.  So much for the self made man or woman!   We belong

to God.  God does not need to be distant though, we can know Him and worship Him.  The Lord saves and is by the side of the righteous.  We just need to open our hearts and restore our relationship with the God who made and owns it all.

Lord, please help us to remember that everything belongs to you.  Thank you that we can know and serve you, Amen.

Written by Ainslie Woods

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  1. Dimity Milne says:

    Yes, not only can the righteous have a relationship with God, but Jesus provides the righteousness which we cannot achieve for ourselves. This is grace. Thank you Jesus.

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