Thursday 23 May, 2013

Psalm 28

1 Lord, my Rock, I call out to you. Pay attention to me. If you remain silent, I will die. I will be like those who have gone down into the grave. 2 Hear my cry for your favor when I call out to you for help. Hear me when I lift up my hands in prayer toward your Most Holy Room. 3 Don’t drag me away with sinners. Don’t drag me away with those who do evil. They speak in a friendly way to their neighbors. But their hearts are full of hatred. 4 Pay them back for their evil actions. Pay them back for what their hands have done. Give them exactly what they should get. 5 They don’t care about the Lord’s mighty acts. They don’t care about what his hands have done. So he will tear them down. He will never build them up again. 6 Give praise to the Lord. He has heard my cry for his favor. 7 The Lord gives me strength. He is like a shield that keeps me safe. My heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart jumps for joy. I will sing and give thanks to him. 8 The Lord gives strength to his people. He guards and saves his anointed king. 9 Save your people. Bless those who belong to you. Be their shepherd. Take care of them forever.

In this Psalm, verse one leaps out to me; David is crying out to the Lord, his Rock, he begs God “do not be silent”, because if God is silent, he will be like those who have gone down to the pit.

When we are desperate we cry out to Jesus. He is our Rock and He is the ONLY one who can deliver us, He is the immovable foundation of all our hopes and our refuge in time of trouble: we must be unmoved in our determination to flee to him as our stronghold in every hour of danger. If we feel we cannot hear God, then we must pray more earnestly and not give up.

How overwhelming it would be if we felt God would not answer our prayers. We would be like those who have gone to hell – dead people. We would be lost and undone, our hope and our help will be destroyed.

We cling to God as we must have answers to our prayers: when we are desperate we need God to speak peace to our troubled minds, for God loves us with an

overwhelming and unfathomable love.

Lift out hands towards heaven, knowing that God listens, and expect an answer from your Lord.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the way you deal with me when I am struggling.  I struggle when I become troubled by myself, others and events that are out of my control.  Sometimes I am OK, and then it’s like some button has been pushed inside me and I find myself in a panic.  Change my heart, my soul and my spirit Lord Jesus.  Be the Master of my reactions, so that I know myself and that I have confidence that I am and I live like a child of God, Thank you Lord.  AMEN


Written by Cathy Croft

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  1. Dimity Milne says:

    Great encouragement Cathy. You reassure me that He is Lord over my internal reactions and struggles, not just my external problems.

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