Tuesday 28 May, 2013

What terror can be unleashed by a man or woman with seemingly unrestrained power. When such a person fears no higher authority they can cause others to cower with fear. This is often called the abuse of power.

No one can stop God from doing what ever he wants. What unrestrained power God has! To a God that is completely unrestrained, what should be our response?

Praise, songs of joy and beautiful music. Why?

Because He’s unrestrained power is used for righteousness, justice and unfailing love. Unrestrained love, righteousness and justice, what could be more beautiful than these?

Lord I commit myself to you, for you are committed to the most beautiful of visions and you have the power to make it so.

Work through me to bring love, righteousness and justice. Show me quickly when I am fighting against your vision, forgive and equip me to fight the good fight.

Written by Andrew Mellor

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