Tuesday 18 June, 2013

Galatians 4:1-7

4 Here is what I have been saying. As long as your own children are young, they are no different from slaves in your house. They are no different, even though they own all of the property. 2 They are under the care of guardians and those who manage the property. They are under their care until the time when their fathers give them the property. 3 It is the same with us. When we were children, we were slaves to the basic things the people of the world believe. 4 But then the right time came. God sent his Son. A woman gave birth to him. He was born under the authority of the law. 5 He came to set free those who were under the law. He wanted us to be adopted as children with all the rights children have. 6 Because you are his children, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts. He is the Holy Spirit. By his power we call God “Abba.” Abba means Father. 7 So you aren’t slaves any longer. You are God’s children. Because you are his children, he gives you what he promised to give his people.

The philosophical argument that a child is at the same level as a slave or bondservant is easy to get lost in. What this scripture says to me is that, although we are not always aware of it, living without Christ in our lives is a bit like living in voluntary slavery – all the responsibility and none of the inheritance. But Christ, through his death, burial and resurrection, has allowed us to be adopted in to the world’s largest family – each of us adopted children of Abraham… I still get a feeling of awe when I remember that I, as a Christian, am part of the fulfilment of God’s promise to Abraham to make his descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky!!

God, thankyou that I can call you Abba (daddy) Father and thankyou that, even though I am not worthy, I can be made right with you through Christ, to the point that I can be accepted into His family!!

Written by Justin Ware

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