Friday 19 July, 2013

The last verse in this passage really stood out to me – “…never tire in doing what is good”.

There are many reasons why we might be tempted to tire and give up on doing what is good. Sometimes we may wonder what the point is when we don’t seem to see any results. Or we may be tempted to give up because we don’t seem to get the recognition from people that we feel we deserve.

It’s good to remember that we offer our service to God for His glory and not for earthly rewards or praise from man.  We are part of God’s eternal plans and purposes. If we are being obedient to what we believe He has called us to do, then we are laying up eternal treasures that cannot be seen or measured with the human eye.

God help me to keep an eternal perspective when I am tempted to give up on doing what is good. Help me to seek obedience to Your word rather than the praise of man. Thank you for the privilege of partnering with You and serving You with my life.

Written by Shelley Witt

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