Sunday 21 July, 2013

1 Corinthians 1:1-3

1 I, Paul, am writing this letter. I have been chosen to be an apostle of Christ Jesus just as God planned. Our brother Sosthenes joins me in writing. 2 We are sending this letter to you, the members of God’s church in Corinth. You have been made holy because you belong to Christ Jesus. God has chosen you to be his holy people. He has done the same for all those everywhere who pray to our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is their Lord and ours. 3 May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.

You have to love Paul.  He makes it so easy to understand who he wrote to and why.

I also love his encouragements that so commonly are part of the introductory verses of his letters.

He makes these great encouraging and sweeping statements that include all those who love God in Jesus.

This letter is for you – it’s not only historically relevant for the Corinthians – but it is relevant for you.  Are you ready for the journey of Corinthians?  Then let’s read every day and apply the truth of God’s Word to us day by day!

Father, as we read Corinthians open our hearts and minds to Your Word.  Adjust us where we need it, comfort us where we need it, inspire and challenge us where we need it!

Written by Ps. Richard Botta

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