Friday 26 July, 2013

1 Corinthians 2:1-5

2 Brothers and sisters, when I came to you I didn’t come with fancy words or great wisdom. I preached to you the truth about God’s love. 2 I made up my mind to pay attention to only one thing while I was with you. That one thing was Jesus Christ and his death on the cross. 3 When I came to you, I was weak and afraid and trembling all over. 4 I didn’t preach my message with clever and compelling words. As I preached, the Holy Spirit showed his power. 5 That was so you would believe not because of human wisdom but because of God’s power.

What a passage!!

Paul was not a noted speaker – which was what the Greeks, the Corinthians, really loved, the erudite debates of philosophers!  Paul, though well trained, was not a noted rhetorician, he was no orator!

So what was Paul’s appeal.  It was not to a fine sounding argument, Paul knew that the next ‘better’ argument to be spoken would likely persuade people to believe in it.  Paul was not about mere argument.  Paul had encountered Christ, he had been transformed by Christ and that ‘spoke’ volumes, indeed it screamed!  Here was a Christian hater now preaching Christ – try to argue against that!

No argument is more powerful than the transformed life in Christ.  No doubt there were miracles and healings as well that accompanied Paul’s preaching and teaching, yet the testimony – I was lost and now I am found – or – I was blind but now I see – who can argue against that?

So where does that leave me?

Does the life I live truly represent a ‘transformed life’?  Do people see Jesus when they look at me?  Do I see Jesus when I look in the mirror?

Father, help me to live the transformed life that those around me will see Jesus and so enter into faith in Him as well!

Written by Ps. Richard Botta

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