Monday 2 September, 2013

Don’t you love those times at school when your friend asked the teacher a dumb question and the teacher says “that’s a silly question. You should know that already” but you didn’t know the answer either? This passage is a bit like that.

I arrogantly say I know God but do I really? The wonderful thing is that God is not aloof or hard to get to know. I simply have to seek him. It will take humility and determination. I suspect the more we come to know God will depend on the tenacity with which we seek.

But just like a father playing hide and seek with his kids, God longs to ‘get found’. He longs to roll around on the ground with His kids in joy and say “let’s play again”.

Written by Boudy van Noppen

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  1. David Newton says:

    I was at a funeral recently and this was the passage quoted. But what you are saying is, instead thinking about the future and matters outside of our control concentrate on seeking God now!

    I like your style Boudy!

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