Friday 14 February, 2014

No-one can hide their character from God; however, it can remain unknown to others. Why do some people who live sinful lives, appear to be blessed, and others who live honourably for God, do not appear blessed?

Those that live open sinful lives, generally in time, their lifestyle will show they will end up eating the fruit of their sin.  But the sins of some will follow later; these are people, who are living an apparent abundant life, but they have secret sins. These sins will eventually be brought to light and the fruit of their sin will catch up with them. Some are such notorious sinners; there is no need to ask about their character, they would never be considered for ministry. But others who may be considered have hidden sins; but their sins appear afterwards. Many people think they are hiding their sins, but God will bring to light the things that are hidden.

Be assured, the person who continues to live faithfully before God, eventually, the fruit of their living will catch up with them causing the goodness and blessing of God to overtake them. His blessing may start as a trickle, but as we are faithful, the trickle becomes a stream which eventually over time will be a river that others will see. Their goodness will not be overlooked by God.

The good works and character of some are evident, and there would be no hesitation in having them in leadership. So we need to take time to pray and not be too hasty to appoint people to ministry.

Lord, help me to walk in the power of Your Spirit, remind me to keep the doors and windows of my life open to allow Your truth and love clear away any hidden agendas and secret sins.

Written by Cath Croft

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  1. David Newton says:

    There are many christian who believe drinking any form of alcohol is a sin and most likely this is what Timothy believed. There are practical reasons why abstaining from alcohol is right and yet v23 Paul suggests Timothy relax his view on the subject. It is worth noting that wine was generally less alcoholic then it is now.
    C3 Churches have a general guide for Pastors that is worth considering. – Drinking alcohol is acceptable up to the legal driving limit. – The reasoning is that a Pastor can be called out for an emergency pastoral visit at any time.

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