Monday 3 March, 2014

Here is a clear picture of depression – “All you waves and breakers have swept over me”, “My tears have been my food day and night” “Why have you forgotten me God?”

Depression was caused for the psalmist by exile from his people and his God. For us today it is often less clear cut, with a multiplicity of causes, both emotional and organic, and many different triggers. Yet the psalmist gives us clues to the things we need to remember when we are depressed.

1.      The Lord directs His love to us and His song is with us. Although we may feel abandoned at times he will never leave or forsake us and He will never stop loving us. The “direction” of the Lord’s love shows a very deliberate intention to love us – not just an airy-fairy feeling. He will continue to direct his love no matter what happens.

2.      God is our rock. (v9) When we feel washed about and overwhelmed by the waves of depression He is the solid base to which we can return.

3.      The psalmist makes a deliberate choice to hope in God and to praise Him. He acknowledges that God is his saviour. When our “souls are downcast within us” we also need to make this choice, no matter how we feel.

Father, help me to always remember that you are for me and not against me and that you will never abandon me. In difficult times help me to always choose to hope in you, for I know you are my rock and my redeemer.

Written by Megan Cornell

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