Wednesday 12 March, 2014

In this psalm David is completely aware of his sin: he doesn’t try to justify it, or try and convince God to overlook it, instead he confesses his rebellion and wrong. David admits his guilt and acknowledges that God has every right to condemn him and punish him. David does not cry out to God from a place of denial or pride, he cries out confessing his wrong and asking for God, who is compassionate & faithfully loving, to forgive him, cleanse him, and give him a willing spirit. David is asking for God to help him change.

I see how God could call him a man after His own heart, because there is such a beautiful heart expressed here, not fighting God, not arguing why he is right, not blaming God, but agreeing whole-heartedly that he is completely in the wrong, and he needs God’s help to change.

As a teacher I seem to so often encounter the argument and the justification: I can imagine how amazing it would be to have a student say yes, I did the wrong thing, please help me to change. Everything in my heart would say yes, absolutely, I can help you! How much more does God, our Heavenly Father, have a heart that is committed to helping us change, and how much more able is He!

God, please help me to see my sin and acknowledge it for what it is, help me to drop any argument and agree with you. Please help me to change and give me a willing spirit. Thank you God that because of your grace, even though I sin, even though I offend you, you do not put a wall up between us, you remain intimate with me. What incredible love you show me. Help me share that with others. Amen.

Written by Beth Waugh

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