Tuesday 18 March, 2014

Psalm 57

1 Show me your favor, God. Show me your favor. I go to you for safety. I will find safety in the shadow of your wings. There I will stay until the danger is gone. 2 I cry out to God Most High. I cry out to God, and he carries out his plan for me. 3 He answers from heaven and saves me. He puts to shame those who chase me. Selah He shows me his love and his truth. 4 Men who are like lions are all around me. I am lying down among hungry animals. Their teeth are like spears and arrows. Their tongues are like sharp swords. 5 God, may you be honored above the heavens. Let your glory be over the whole earth. 6 My enemies spread a net to catch me by the feet. I felt helpless. They dug a pit in my path. But they fell into it themselves. Selah 7 God, my heart feels secure. My heart feels secure. I will sing and make music to you. 8 My spirit, wake up! Harp and lyre, wake up! I want to sing and make music before the sun rises. 9 Lord, I will praise you among the nations. I will sing about you among the people of the earth. 10 Great is your love. It reaches to the heavens. Your truth reaches to the skies. 11 God, may you be honored above the heavens. Let your glory be over the whole earth.

This year I have been reading a chronological reading plan and I have recently read through the book of Samuel where David is fleeing from Saul for a number of chapters.

For me it is easy to think of David as a great leader and mighty warrior and forget that he was first a Shepherd and musician. For me, it is intriguing to think about David hiding in a cave and writing music rather than planning battle strategies or preparing for war.

How much is this similar for you? Do we have the same issue when it comes to Christ? Do we tend to focus on some elements of his being, while losing emphasis on others?

Dear Lord, as we grow in our relationship with you and learn more of your character, help us to understand how you are so much more complex than we can fathom and understand and also help us to become more like you!


Written by Justin Ware

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