Tuesday 18 March, 2014

This year I have been reading a chronological reading plan and I have recently read through the book of Samuel where David is fleeing from Saul for a number of chapters.

For me it is easy to think of David as a great leader and mighty warrior and forget that he was first a Shepherd and musician. For me, it is intriguing to think about David hiding in a cave and writing music rather than planning battle strategies or preparing for war.

How much is this similar for you? Do we have the same issue when it comes to Christ? Do we tend to focus on some elements of his being, while losing emphasis on others?

Dear Lord, as we grow in our relationship with you and learn more of your character, help us to understand how you are so much more complex than we can fathom and understand and also help us to become more like you!


Written by Justin Ware

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