Friday 21 March, 2014

Psalm 60

1 God, you have turned away from us. You have attacked us. You have been angry. Now turn back to us! 2 You have shaken the land and torn it open. Fix its cracks, because it is falling apart. 3 You have shown your people hard times. You have made us drink the wine of your anger. Now we can’t even walk straight. 4 But you lead into battle those who have respect for you. You give them a flag to wave against the enemy’s weapons. Selah 5 Save us. Help us with your powerful right hand, so that those you love may be saved. 6 God has spoken from his temple. He has said, “I will win the battle. Then I will divide up the land around Shechem. I will divide up the Valley of Succoth. 7 Gilead belongs to me. So does the land of Manasseh. Ephraim is the strongest tribe. It is like a helmet for my head. Judah is the royal tribe. It is like a ruler’s staff. 8 Moab serves me like one who washes my feet. I toss my sandal on Edom to show that I own it. I shout to Philistia that I have won the battle.” 9 Who will bring me to the city that has high walls around it? Who will lead me to the land of Edom? 10 God, isn’t it you, even though you have now turned away from us? Isn’t it you, even though you don’t lead our armies into battle anymore? 11 Help us against our enemies. The help people give doesn’t amount to anything. 12 With your help we will win the battle. You will walk all over our that is high above me. 3 You have always kept me safe from my enemies. You are like a strong tower to me. 4 I long to live in your holy tent forever. There I find safety in the shadow of your wings. Selah 5 God, you have heard my promises. You have given me what belongs to those who worship you. 6 Add many days to the king’s life. Let him live on and on for many years. 7 May he always enjoy your blessing as he rules. Let your love and truth keep him safe. 8 Then I will always sing praise to you. I will keep my promises day after day.

The introduction to this psalm says that it is a “Jewel of David” to be used for teaching, yet it begins with the Israelites feeling rejected and abandoned by God. Immediately we think “Why is such a negative story being used for teaching?”

Then we get to verse 4 – “But you have raised a banner for those who fear you – a rallying point in the face of attack.” God will never leave us or abandon us. In the face of severe attack He is still there for those who fear Him. David proclaims God’s love and falls back on his promises. That is the teaching point – when we feel under attack we need to remember God’s love and his good promises for us.

David then proclaims that God is the only one who can help them – human help is useless. Strengthened by his proclamations of Gods’ love, his promises and hoping in his help, David is able to proclaim his belief in victory in the situation.

Father, help me to remember your goodness even in the face of severe trials. I know that will never abandon me, but when I proclaim your love and hang on to your promises I will receive your help to be victorious.

Written by Megan Cornell

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  1. David Newton says:

    V4 is an awesome pivot for this Psalm!
    It is when a person is at their most busiest or least busiest you see if they really reverence God!
    Thanks Megan

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