Tuesday 8 April, 2014

Hebrews 2:14-18

14 Those children have bodies made out of flesh and blood. So Jesus became human like them in order to die for them. By doing that, he could destroy the one who rules over the kingdom of death. I’m talking about the devil. 15 Jesus could set people free who were afraid of death. All their lives they were held as slaves by that fear. 16 It is certainly Abraham’s children that he helps. He doesn’t help angels. 17 So he had to be made like his brothers in every way. Then he could serve God as a kind and faithful high priest. And then he could pay for the sins of the people by dying for them. 18 He himself suffered when he was tempted. Now he is able to help others who are being tempted.

How often do I, in the midst of a struggle where I can choose to honour God’s ways or not, see Jesus as right there with me, not wagging a finger at me and saying “Don’t you do that,” but leaning in close and saying, “I know this is tough, I get what you’re feeling right now, but you can do this. You are a woman of faith. Let me help you choose God’s way.”

In this passage I see that Jesus is my ally and not my enemy. He knows what it’s like to be human and to be tempted to do wrong.

He’s not distant, far removed, high up in the judge’s box, hammer raised to condemn me guilty. No! He’s at my side, He knows how strong emotions surge, He knows what weakness feels like, He knows what it’s like to know what is the right thing to do and yet desire to do something else… And He doesn’t hold it against me. Even when I feel ugly and ashamed, His desire is that I not run away, but accept that for every moment when I’ve failed to choose God’s way, He succeeded at the cross, so that even though I deserve death, I get life. His victory and His perfect obedience He shares with me.

God, help me get what this means, in more than just words. Help me experience this and give it away. Amen.

Written by Beth Waugh

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