Tuesday 15 April, 2014

Hebrews 5:7-10

7 Jesus prayed while he lived on earth. He made his appeal with loud cries and tears. He prayed to the One who could save him from death. God heard him because he truly honored God. 8 Jesus was God’s Son. But by suffering he learned what it means to obey. 9 In that way he was made perfect. Eternal salvation comes from him. He saves all those who obey him. 10 God appointed him to be the high priest, just like Melchizedek.

There are two messages in this passage which strike me. The first is that Jesus prayed loud and with passion to His Father. The second is that God heard Him because He was ‘humble and devoted’ v.7. It is through sufferings that we learn to be obedient to God, just as Jesus did. Being fully man, he had to lean on His Father through the troubles and pain in His earthly life.  If Jesus had to learn to be humble and devoted and obedient, don’t we also.

I am a slower learner than Jesus was. In sufferings I still look for my own easy way out. I still succumb to anxiety. When will I learn that prayer and surrender to the will of God are the only things which will bring spiritual peace.  A peaceful obedient spirit can accomplish anything God requires of us.
Heavenly Father help me to remember that Jesus struggled too with all the things which trouble me, but because He was triumphant, I am strengthened. Teach me to rely on You fully, with humility and devotion. Thank you that Jesus is my eternal salvation. Amen

Written by Dimity Milne

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  1. David Newton says:

    I am a slow learner too and it can be painful but like you Dimity I will continue to press on.
    The quote of the day must be: “A peaceful obedient spirit can accomplish anything God requires of us.”

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