Monday 21 April, 2014

Hebrews 7:23–28

23 There were many priests in Levi’s family line. Death kept them from continuing in office. 24 But Jesus lives forever. So he always holds the office of priest. 25 People now come to God through him. And he is able to save them completely and for all time. Jesus lives forever. He prays for them. 26 A high priest like that meets our need. He is holy, pure and without blame. He isn’t like other people. He does not sin. He is lifted high above the heavens. 27 He isn’t like the other high priests. They need to offer sacrifices day after day. First they bring offerings for their own sins. Then they do it for the sins of the people. But Jesus gave one sacrifice for the sins of the people. He gave it once and for all time. He did it by offering himself. 28 The law appoints men who are weak to be high priests. But God’s oath came after the law. The oath appointed the Son. He has been made perfect forever.

Jesus has been appointed our perfect high priest forever. He will never die, leave or forsake us. He does not need to offer sacrifices because he has sacrificed himself once for all. I think it is fantastic that we do not have to continually atone for ourselves before God. Jesus did it once, and that was enough.

Another thing I love about this passage is that “Jesus always lives to intercede for us”. What a privilege! Not only has Jesus died for our sins, but he continues to plead with God on our behalf throughout our lives. It is such a comfort to know that he is doing that. It increases my faith as I pray. It is also comforting to know that Jesus knows much better than I do what is best for me. Sometimes I might ask for the wrong thing. But Jesus will always ask for the right thing.

Father thank you so much for your plan of sending us a “high priest who truly meets our needs”, – Jesus, who is holy, blameless and pure”. Lord Jesus thank you for dying for me, and for living to intercede for me. Amen

Written by Megan Cornell

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