Tuesday 6 May, 2014

Hebrews 11:23-28

23 Moses’ parents had faith. So they hid him for three months after he was born. They saw he was a special child. They were not afraid of the king’s command. 24 Moses had faith. So he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. That happened after he had grown up. 25 He chose to be treated badly together with the people of God. He chose that instead of enjoying sin’s pleasures for a short time. 26 He suffered shame because of Christ. He thought it had great value. He considered it better than the riches of Egypt. He was looking ahead to God’s reward. 27 Because of his faith he left Egypt. It wasn’t because he was afraid of the king’s anger. He didn’t let anything stop him. He saw the One who can’t be seen. 28 Because of his faith he was the first to keep the Passover Feast. He commanded the people of Israel to sprinkle blood on their doorways. He did it so that the destroying angel would not touch their oldest sons.

What an encouraging and yet intensely challenging list!

Encouraging because it details what can a life lived “by faith” looks like… Refusal to be ruled by fear, willingness to live under oppression and suffer for the sake of Christ, looking ahead, keeping your eyes on the one who is invisible and leading others to live by faith.

What’s challenging is that if I claim to live by faith – this is what it looks like! I have to admit as I read this passage I am confronted and I don’t have to go very far down the list. There are areas in my life where I have chosen to be ruled by fear – instead of being ruled by faith.

Encouragement can be explained as “putting courage in” – so my prayer today is Lord “put courage in me” today and where fear has ruled – I need your help to stand on Your word and overthrow fear – so that faith can rule in my life.

Written by Ps. Linda Quinn

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