Thursday 8 May, 2014

Hebrews 12:1-2

12 A huge cloud of witnesses is all around us. So let us throw off everything that stands in our way. Let us throw off any sin that holds on to us so tightly. Let us keep on running the race marked out for us. 2 Let us keep looking to Jesus. He is the author of faith. He also makes it perfect. He paid no attention to the shame of the cross. He suffered there because of the joy he was looking forward to. Then he sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

I am not alone. Thousands upon thousands have walked this road of faith before me. They have trusted God through trials I can only imagine. They have trusted God and seen His faithfulness to each of His promises.

My Saviour was impacted by the enormity of ‘The Cross’. He wept tears of blood for he knew the pain (physical and spiritual) he would have to endure. He did not want to bear that cross.

But He did.

He saw past the cross, he saw past the pain and shame. He saw joy, the reward for all who follow the will of the Father.

His Joy is my salvation. His joy is His Kingdom being filled with souls bought back from death and given eternal life. His Joy is His Father.

Heavenly Father, I see the joy of eternity with you and your people. I rejoice at the thought of that day. May I always see past pains to the joy set before me. I am surrounded by witnesses who testify that my faith is not in vain. I will receive that joy!

Written by Andrew Mellor

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  1. Kim Fleming says:

    Amen to that Andrew. Life here on earth is nothing compared to our real home in heaven.

  2. David Newton says:

    I like these verses. When the pressure of life is really on it is not possible to remember lots of scripture and when endurance is required your determination sometimes needs refueling .
    When life is good ‘fix your eyes on Jesus’ with thankfulness. When life is tough and feels like great storms are upon you ‘fix your on Jesus’ and his great sacrifice. Remember Matthew 14:30 when Peter looked away from Jesus and towards his circumstance his faith diminished.
    Thanks Andrew!

  3. Andrew Mellor says:

    Thanks Kim and David. Yep, this is one of those nitty gritty passages that gets to the heart of pain and hope. It is awesome that our hope is even better than we can conceive!

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