Friday 9 May, 2014

God wants us to be holy because it is good for us. As we grow in “right living” we grow closer to God and we reap a “peaceful harvest”.

It is easy to look at discipline as a negative thing, but in this passage we see that God’s discipline is a blessing – a provision to help us and strengthen us in our struggle against sin. It is God giving us momentary pain so that we can escape long term pain. Living God’s way has many benefits and blessings, so our Father, who loves us dearly, disciplines us for our good – so that we can enjoy the benefits of right living. It is not because he is a tyrant, forcing us to do things against our will, but because he is our Father and wants good things for us.

So what should my response be to the Lord’s discipline? Firstly to recognise it and thank him for caring enough for me to correct me. Secondly to accept his discipline and humbly confess my sin, and grow in strength is resisting that one next time.

Lord, thank you for disciplining me. Help me to be humble enough to learn the lesson you would have me learn, and to always grow closer to you. Amen

Written by Megan Cornell

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  1. David Newton says:

    Another awesome passage!
    Charles Stanley a pastors and prolific author has always said that hardship which is used by God as discipline will only ever last as long as it is needed to achieve it’s purpose. — I must be a slow learner!
    Thanks Megan & Andrew

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