Wednesday 21 May, 2014

First we are introduced to the character of Boaz. A good man to know and even better to be related to. Then comes Ruth’s decision to go out and glean grain behind the harvesters to feed herself and Naomi. It was Jewish law that the widows and the poor be allowed to collect the left overs for themselves. Ruth goes to work and ‘as it happened’ v3, she winds up in Boaz’s fields. Boaz notices her and finding out who she is he offers her work and protection, firstly because of his Godly integrity and secondly because of what Ruth had been doing for his relative Naomi.

I don’t believe these things happened by chance. It was God’s plan to bless Naomi and Ruth by this kinsman redeemer and through their lineage to bring us Jesus. God works His plans through connections. Family connections and community connections. His instructions to us in His word revolve so much around inclusion and caring for others, and protection of families.

I also love the way Ruth was proactive, taking the opportunity at harvest time to adopt the Jewish custom of gleaning. She was not shy of hard work. In this action God was able to move and bring about His plan.

Sometimes, (often), we are not aware of God’s plans as we go about our everyday business but it exciting to think that God may be working something amazing through us, even if we never see it. This encourages me to keep on in the every day and get out and do life.

Thank you God for the way you care for us individually and at the same time work all things together for the blessing of all your people. Help me to be attuned to your leading. Amen

Written by Dimity Milne

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