Friday 30 May, 2014

Esther 2:1-4

2 Later, the anger of King Xerxes calmed down. Then he remembered Vashti and what she had done. He also remembered the royal order he had sent out concerning her. 2 At that time the king’s personal attendants made a suggestion. They said, “King Xerxes, let a search be made for some beautiful young virgins for you. 3 Appoint some officials in every territory in your kingdom. Have them bring all of those beautiful virgins into the safest place in Susa. Put them in the special place where the virgins stay. Then put Hegai in charge of them. He’s the eunuch who serves you. He’s in charge of the virgins. Let beauty care be given to the new group of virgins. 4 Then let the one who pleases you the most become queen in Vashti’s place.” The king liked that advice. So he followed it.

This is the story of an event which occurred during the reign of King Xerxes of Persia. The Persian empire spread from Northern Thrace near Greece (N) to western Africa and Egypt, and eastward to India.

The book relates how a foreign power under Satan tried to eliminate the Jewish race and how God sovereignly preserved His people who had stayed in the new Medo-Persian Empire.  Susa, was the town in which the Kings of Persia had their winter residence.

Esther reminds us that throughout the world God is always active even in the most unlikely situations. King Xerxes had no idea that his predicament with Vashti his queen would lead to an amazing vindication of the Jewish people living in Persia. He was looking for consolation by replacing his former queen with a young beautiful woman.

What a confirmation of the greatness of the God we serve. It confirms that even the seemingly impossible situation can resound to God’s glory. If I look to God there is no need to be anxious about how everything will work out, for I know He has an irrefutable plan for my life.

Lord, I praise you for your sovereignty because You reveal that no matter how alien a situation may seem, You are there actively pursuing your purposes in my life.

Written by Keith Bennett

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