Thursday 5 June, 2014

Esther 3:12-15

12 The king sent for the royal secretaries. It was the 13th day of the first month. The secretaries wrote down all of Haman’s orders. They wrote them down in the writing of each territory in the kingdom. They also wrote them in the language of each nation. The orders were sent to the royal officials. They were also sent to the governors of the territories. And they went out to the nobles of the nations. The orders were written in the name of King Xerxes himself. And they were stamped with his own royal seal. 13 They were carried by messengers. They were sent to all of the king’s territories. The orders commanded people to destroy, kill and wipe out all of the Jews. That included young people and old people alike. It included women and little children. All of the Jews were supposed to be killed on a single day. That day was the 13th day of the 12th month. It was the month of Adar. The orders also commanded people to take the goods that belonged to the Jews. 14 A copy of the order had to be sent out as law. It had to be sent to every territory in the kingdom. It had to be announced to the people of every nation. Then they would be ready for that day. 15 The king commanded the messengers to go out. So they did. The order was sent out from the safest place in Susa. Then the king and Haman sat down to drink wine. But the people in the city were bewildered.

Two men have come together with a plan their way to solve a perceived problem. One was a king, and the other, his adviser.

When the king sat down to drink after making a decree, he thought he had done well, but he did not really understand what he had done. The other also sat down to drink, and thought he had done well, and he knew exactly what he intended to do.

The second man Haman was insecure, and his wounded pride bought about a plan, that if successful, would bring an end to Gods people.

Haman’s life shows the horrible impact pride can have on a person. Any of us can be a victim of pride; however this is usually in a more subtle way. Haman’s life shows that pride poisons our attitudes and blinds us to our weaknesses.

People who are proud do not seek God, and God is in none of their thoughts. How can we prevent this pride? Only through being humble, and submitting everything to God.

We need to have God in all of our thoughts, make Him the centre of our lives, seek Him constantly, and remember that we are His servants. As we humble ourselves before God, He will help us maintain a balanced understanding of our gifts and talents, as well as our limits. He will remind us that we’ve received His blessings so that we might be a blessing.

Father, help me not to be guilty of the sins of Haman. I humble myself before You, because I owe You everything. Forgive me of pride. I dedicate my life to serving You. Thank you for blessing me, in Jesus’ name. Amen

Written by Cathy Croft

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