Saturday 14 June, 2014

I want to grab your attention before reading today’s passage. Normally I skim over genealogies. I don’t expect God to speak to me through them. But he can! (Go to the scripture now and read through it).

First I see that God takes His time. God promised Abraham to bless many nations through him. It took 2000 years for the answer to be fully revealed in Jesus – the Messiah, Saviour of the World!

Second I see that God weaves the evil things of life into his story of redemption and New Life.
In Jesus’ human ancestry were a number of wicked kings, men and women who lived through the destruction of Jerusalem and years of captivity in Babylon, a man (Judah) who committed incest, Gentiles such as Rahab (a prostitute) and Ruth, adulterous affairs (David and Bathsheba) and people who were liars and cheaters (Like Jacob).

Third I see that God uses people in positions of great authority such as Kings, through to those of seeming obscurity such as peasants, the destitute, farm hands and carpenters.

“God this genealogy tells me you are at work today. Now I see you are moving not through family lines but through a spiritual family, connected by New Life found in Jesus. Connected by forgiveness from God. Connected by the Holy Spirit living in us.

Lord I see you are are making things new even when it seems evil is triumphing.

Lord, let me live today knowing that you are working redemption and New Life in and around me. Lord make me part of your Church in writing redemptive History.”


Written by Andrew Mellor

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