Friday 11 July, 2014

Matthew 8:28 –9:1

28 Jesus arrived at the other side of the lake in the area of the Gadarenes. Two men controlled by demons met him. They came from the tombs. The men were so wild that no one could pass that way. 29 “Son of God, what do you want with us?” they shouted. “Have you come here to punish us before the time for us to be judged?” 30 Not very far away, a large herd of pigs was feeding. 31 The demons begged Jesus, “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.” 32 Jesus said to them, “Go!” So the demons came out of the men and went into the pigs. The whole herd rushed down the steep bank. They ran into the lake and drowned in the water. 33 Those who were tending the pigs ran off. They went into the town and reported all this. They told the people what had happened to the men who had been controlled by demons. 34 Then the whole town went out to meet Jesus. When they saw him, they begged him to leave their area. 9 Jesus stepped into a boat. He went over to the other side of the lake and came to his own town.

After Jesus calmed the storm, he arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadara which was a member of the Decapolis (a group of ten cities on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire in Jordan, Israel and Syria).

The first thing Jesus met was two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs.

The demons know Jesus was the Son of God and will torture them at the appointed time. So, they begged Jesus “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs”. Then the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and died in the water after Jesus said to them “Go”.

This upset the whole town people and they went out to meet Jesus and pleaded with him to leave their region. So, Jesus stepped into a boat, crossed over and came to his town and never visited Gadara again before being crucified on the cross.

What a shame for the people in Gadara. They cared more about the loss of pigs than two healed-men. They didn’t ask Jesus to heal/save more lives, but pushed Him away from them (sounds like many people today!)

The challenge of this passage to me is:

  1. What are the most important things in my life?
  2. Am I concerned about property more than the Kingdom of God?
  3. Do I push away God’s “gift” which may seem hard/bitter/unfair in the human’s eyes?

Dear Lord, Thank you for coming to my life. You are my saviour. Without you, I am still under the control of demons and no eternal life. Help me to accept anything from you and no doubt.

Written by Allen Leu

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