Thursday 7 August, 2014

This is a very familiar passage, but a different thing jumped out at me today. When the disciples saw Jesus walking across the water they were terrified. Jesus spoke to them “at once” saying “It’s alright. I’m here. Don’t be afraid.”.

This reminded me of what a parent would say to a frightened child. “It’s okay, Mummy/Daddy’s here”. The child’s knowledge of the parent’s presence is immediately comforting and reassuring and banishes fear, and the child will usually run to the parent and cling to them.

Jesus cares for us so much! When I’m afraid, I need to remember that He is with me “at once” and “always. Even to the end of the age” I need to invite Him in to the situation, (run and cling to him) and be comforted by His presence. THEN I can have the faith to walk on water.

Lord Jesus thank you for loving me so much that you care about all of my fears. Help me to know that you are there no matter what is happening. Help me to run to you, cling to you, and then in the knowledge of your presence, have life changing faith. Amen

Written by Megan Cornell

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