Thursday 2 October, 2014

Matthew 28:1-10

I think this is the most exciting passage in the whole New Testament. The women rise early to go and tend to Jesus’ body in the tomb. I imagine their heads are down and their eyes are red from crying. Their hopes are shattered and the one they love is dead. As they lift their eyes to the shining angel, pain mingles with disbelief and fear, then impossible hope.
They had given up on the mission, but are suddenly filled with purpose and urgency again, they rush to find and tell the disciples. It is as they are going that Jesus meets them. Isn’t it always that Jesus meets us on the way as we walk where He leads us. We need to get up and on the way in trust and faith and He will do amazing things as we go.
I don’t want to sit with my head down and wait, I want to be heading on the path that God has shown me. I am witness to the fact that He comes beside me in surprising and exciting ways.
Dear lord please help me to keep this story in mind at times when I am discouraged, to remember the exceeding joy which filled the hearts of the Marys. Help me to be an encourager in your family. Amen

Written by Dimity Milne

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