Wednesday 26 November, 2014

Psalm 101

1 I will sing about your love and fairness. Lord, I will sing praise to you. 2 I will be careful to lead a life that is without blame. When will you come and help me? I will lead a life that is without blame in my house. 3 I won’t look at anything that is evil. I hate the acts of people who aren’t faithful to you. I don’t even want people like that around me. 4 I will stay away from those whose hearts are twisted. I don’t want to have anything to do with evil. 5 I will get rid of anyone who tells lies about his neighbor in secret. I won’t put up with anyone whose eyes and heart are proud. 6 I will look with favor on the faithful people in the land. They will live with me. Those whose lives are without blame will serve me. 7 No one who lies and cheats will live in my house. No one who tells lies will serve me. 8 Every morning I will get rid of all the sinful people in the land. I will remove from the city of the Lord everyone who does what is evil.

I can understand why God has called David a man after His own heart. I see a man here in this Psalm longing to walk in integrity, purity, honesty, truthfulness, entertaining nothing in his heart or house that is evil.

I have no idea at what stage in David’s life he penned this but it is an honest cry of his heart as it has been mine over the years too, though sadly there have been times when my actions, like David’s, have not always been an echo of these words.

Lord, there seems to be so much now that bombards and seeks to gain our approval or participation in actions or things that are clearly evil. Lord, I am thankful for your Holy Spirit so that I don’t have to live this by myself and to remind me that when I fall, I can come to you in a moment, through Jesus, and seek forgiveness & the opportunity to once again “walk with integrity of heart” after You.

Written by Suzie Hodgson

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