Thursday 27 November, 2014

This Psalm is a cry from a broken person.  Starting with the desperate plea that God would hear they’re cry they describe how much they are suffering.  They describe a sickness of some description and also a mental condition that is greatly distressed. Yet even in this despair there is a great confidence, a great affirmation of God!  Even to the extent that this should be written for future generations, as a testimony of the Lord.

The direct challenge for me from this Psalm is what happens when I get upset, despairing, sick and infirm.  Does my proclamation of the Lord change based on my mood?  God has not changed, I have, and I need to align my heart and head to the Lord not allowing myself to be caught up in my mood as if somehow I am the centre of the universe of existence itself.  Focusing on God reminds me that He is Lord and my mood is passing.

Father give me strength in every situation to focus on You, even when despairing!

Written by Ps. Richard Botta

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