Friday 28 November, 2014

It is all there! Everything about God and about himself is expressed from the depth of David’s heart; he leaves nothing to our imagination. If we fail to recognise the incredible nature of our God expressed in this Psalm, then we miss the essence of David’s relationship with the LORD –

Let’s allow the Psalm to speak for itself! – In this Psalm, David reaches a high level of adoration for God. In his praise he encourages us to remember all of God’s benefits: –

  • He forgives all our sins
  • He heals all our diseases
  • He redeems us from hell itself
  • He crowns us with love and mercy
  • He satisfies our desires with good things
  • He renews [“supercharges’ from the Passion Translation TPT] our youth so that we can soar like eagles.

What a magnificent God! These benefits express what He does, and then David writes of who He is

  1. God is compassionate
  2. God is gracious
  3. God is slow to anger
  4. God is rich in love [the Message] TPT translates, His love is like a flooding river overflowing its banks with kindness
  5. God is our Father full of compassion, the kind of fatherly compassion which is a mere sample of His tender feelings towards those who love Him.
  6. God is the King of a supreme everlasting Kingdom
  7. God’s love is so incredible, so compassionate. He knows all about us, yet His love is absolutely unconditional.

Our Prayer: From the depth of our hearts we praise You for all the benefits You so generously apply in our lives. Our hearts fill with worship as we experience the wonder of who You are for us.

Written by Keith Bennett

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